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Windows An anti-piracy check for Microsoft Windows is causing problems for some users who are being told their copies of operating system XP are not genuine. The tool, called Windows Genuine Advantage, is aimed at cracking down on millions of illegal copies of Windows XP in circulation. Update: Microsoft isn't the only one phoning home without consent: Apple does it too since 10.4.7. The goal is a little less disturbing (to check whether Widgets are up-to-date); however, it cannot be turned off.
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there is a way
by sig33kde on Wed 5th Jul 2006 02:57 UTC
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... to stop your mac from phoneing home. its called little snitch. it's a worth while investment to see which of your applications try to start a TCP connection to anywhere.. port 80 or otherwise, and you can choose to block it perminantly or just till the application quits. Its the 1st thing I install on any clean mac. I control who I send data to.

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