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PC-BSD The PC-BSD team has released a first beta of PC-BSD 1.2. From the changelog: "updated ports to current as of 6-26-06; added DBSD Network/User Toolset into Control Panel; convert PC-BSD tools to Control Panel modules;" and much more.
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RE: Any figures - Pure curiosity
by antik on Wed 5th Jul 2006 08:24 UTC
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As far as I know there is ca 50.000 iso downloads of 1.* versions from mirrors. We have no statistics about usage, but this may change in near future. Plan is to design live counter that shows on homepage how many computers with unique signature(ssh maybe) are booted up in 24h period(all over the world, pcbsd os rise "flag" on server database for 24h and "flag" is dropped when there is no activity in 24h). This is like *cough* microsoft verification *cough* but anonymous. It someone feel unsafe/paranoid with this feature then she/he can disable it from PC-BSD System Tool.

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