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RISC OS So you thought you would find here an impartial, knowledgeable comparison of RISC OS with the more popular and better known operating systems? Think again; I have been so steeped in RISC OS, since even before its appearance two decades ago, were that possible, and I am so ignorant of other operating systems, that I cannot honestly deliver to you a balanced picture. Well, that is the modern usage of apology over with, so let us get on to the older sense. Note: This is the 2nd entry to our Alternative OS Contest which runs through 14th July!
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RE: A few problems...
by Tom5 on Thu 6th Jul 2006 09:21 UTC in reply to "A few problems..."
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"To save an object to a directory you must open the directory's window and drag the object's icon inside."

True, one of the most missed features of RO on other OSes for me.

Available on Linux too:

There's even a spec for it:

Now, if only more applications supported it...

Other RISC OS type features from the article available with ROX include:

- Application directories (except for !Boot, which is a security risk in today's networked / multi-user world).

- Popup menus without menu bars.

- Icon bar (not quite the same, but used in a similar way).

- Filetypes (MIME types stored in extended attributes).

One thing that really stands out in RISC OS though is the simplicity of the whole system. Everything about the way it works is simple to understand, and you really can know what every single file on your system does.

The knowledge that even if you wipe the entire drive, your system will still boot and be usage is great too, although that's more a feature of the way the OS is delivered (in ROM) than the OS itself.

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