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SuSE, openSUSE Last week, I wrote about my first impressions of SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10, after only a day of usage. I was quite impressed by the whole package, claiming that "I can confidently say that this release candidate outshines Windows Vista's beta" and "I'd even go as far as to say that even Apple should be worried". I still stand by those two statements, but after a week of daily usage, some reflection on just how much it outshines Vista or how worried Apple should be are justified.
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SLED Service Packs
by davidiwharper on Thu 6th Jul 2006 11:53 UTC
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One of the better things about Novell Linux Desktop, SLED's predecessor, is that every so often Novell have been releasing service packs with bug fixes and heaps of new features. The SPs come with supplemental install media as well as the standard ability to upgrade using Yast Online Update (though with SLED this will be ZENWorks Updater).

Unlike other distro "updates", the NLD SPs have been binary-compatible with the base release, reducing much of the normal administrative overhead associated with Linux updates.

If SLED follows this trend, some of the niggling bugs that remain may well be fixed for SP1 (though let's hope they are fixed for the gold release!), which given Vista's ever-moving release date, may well be before Microsoft finally ships its new Windows client.

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