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Bugs & Viruses "For about 20 years now we've been using the term computer viruses to describe self-replicating programs. Although such programs had previously been found on Apple computers, viruses entered the PC world in early 1986 with the Brain virus."
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by elzurawka on Thu 6th Jul 2006 13:18 UTC
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it will be interesting to see how the virus evolves after the release of Vista. Apple and Linux have managed to remain virtually Virus free, lets see if after a complete re-write, if MS can get it right this time too.
They promiss better security, but this is not the first time that MS has gone back on a promiss(
Only time will tell. Luckly i wont be having any virus problems, or have i had to deal with a Virus for years now. Life is so much simpler without MS

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