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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Bill Weinberg, OSDL Linux evangelist and speaker at next week's LinuxWorld conference, discusses the state of Linux adoption and its ongoing rivalry with Windows.
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RE: Very interesting
by Mystilleef on Fri 5th Aug 2005 20:12 UTC
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That's where you get it all wrong. GUIs are not expressive and therefore should be "dumbed down" as you put it. There are supposed to provide a simple interface to the most used functions in an application. The problem with todays GUIs is that they are trying pushing the limits of GUI paradigm. They are turning an interface designed for simplicity into one that is complex and frustrating.

The shell on the other hand is an expressive interface. They are designed for automation, repetition, prototyping, iterative testing, throw away scripting, etc. They are designed for folks who know what the hell they are doing and who have the knowledge and the wisdom to do it efficiently and effectively e.g System/Network Administrators, Programmers, Advanced Users.

Saying the Shell or CLI should have died years ago is embarrasing. For instance, designing a GUI over Apache or Samba that exposes all its functionality is silly.

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