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SuSE, openSUSE Last week, I wrote about my first impressions of SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10, after only a day of usage. I was quite impressed by the whole package, claiming that "I can confidently say that this release candidate outshines Windows Vista's beta" and "I'd even go as far as to say that even Apple should be worried". I still stand by those two statements, but after a week of daily usage, some reflection on just how much it outshines Vista or how worried Apple should be are justified.
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Just a note : the same functionnality is also available under KDE.
Just do a right click on the title bar and Advanced -> Settings for the application

There you will be able to preset many windows settings ( fullscreen, maximaze, desktop, ... ) for the application ( i.e each time OpenOffice is launched, or Firefox, or konqueror, ... ) or the window ( from window name, etc ... ).

This way when you dedicate an application to a desktop, when the application is launched, it will automatically go the the defined desktop and with the defined settings. This is really powerfull and usefull when using virtual desktop.

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