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SGI and IRIX SGI hopes to emerge as a leaner, meaner organisation by the end of the third quarter. The hardware maker this week filed an amended reorganisation plan that calls for it to finish off bankruptcy proceedings by September. If all goes as expected, SGI will trim its total debt down to USD 70m from USD 345m. Some of the debt will be removed in exchange for the privilege of investing more money in SGI 2.0.
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Out of caviar...
by JacobMunoz on Thu 6th Jul 2006 20:27 UTC
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SGI's been notorious for huge and expensive marketing ploys in the past, hopefully they've mended their ways. They have good products, but that doesn't really mean anything when you're spending every penny you've got to keep up a flashy image. They also underwent a major clamour over Itanium that seemed to have been spread like the plague by HP-related execs, which also kicked SGI in the butt. It shows how quickly bad management can drag down a market leader with lots of technical talent. Good luck, SGI.

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