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Debian and its clones "Ubuntu caused a lot of friction with and for Debian. In discussions with its founder, Mark Shuttleworth, and other Ubuntu developers during (and before) Debconf6, I was able to spell out the main criticisms from the Debian perspectives of the way Canonical/Ubuntu is handling things (without a claim to completeness). These criticisms mainly stem from discussions with fellow developers over the past 18 months, and I largely support all of them. I am publicising them here to help make the status quo more transparent."
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RE: Typical OSS hissy fit.
by spstarr on Fri 7th Jul 2006 02:22 UTC
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It might come as a surprise to you but No Debian == No Ubuntu.

Having Used Ubuntu, I decided to switch back to Debian because Debian == Upstream and using 'Debian Unstable' there is no 'release' just a continuous stream of packages so there's no need for me to dist-upgrade. That said. Ubuntu is also starting to push patches back to upstream.

There needs to be improvement from Ubuntu. With Ubuntu's next release talking about taking drastic and rather neat new approaches to Linux (bootup and other things) I don't see how Debian fits into that plan of 'drastic/rad' new changes. I'd like Ubuntu to let Debian participate in those discussions but right now, I don't see that otherwise Ubuntu will maintain a fork of patches that Debian will/would not accept. (If someone from Debian / Ubuntu is reading this, correct me If I'm wrong).


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