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Google "Check out YouOS for 10 minutes, then imagine the same project on a billion-dollar budget. Now do you think the mythical Google PC that's allegedly being secretly developed in Silicon Valley - or in China or on a Ukrainian IRC channel - will become reality? It makes sense for Google to develop a Web-based PC. To be clear, a Google PC needn't involve a new gadget like the 'thin client' gear of the 1990s. Every computer in the world is capable of running a Web browser. We might not realize it, but we all already have Google PCs."
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Web-based OS
by WereCatf on Fri 7th Jul 2006 08:03 UTC
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What good would a web-based OS be for? Atleast I can not think of a single reason to use anything similar to YouOS. If there was a locally installed application which downloads the rest of it over net when executed, it would be a little bit more useable. Though, I don't think some javascript would be enough. Good thing about an application which downloads the rest of itself as-needed over the net would be that it always stays up-to-date and it still allows for tight integration with the rest of the OS, including hot-keys and such. The downside of course is a little bit more overhead and the start-up times.

But most of the OS in the net? I doubt it. For example, listening to music is best done locally. Even more so is watching movies. Think of the bandwidth here.

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