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SuSE, openSUSE Last week, I wrote about my first impressions of SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10, after only a day of usage. I was quite impressed by the whole package, claiming that "I can confidently say that this release candidate outshines Windows Vista's beta" and "I'd even go as far as to say that even Apple should be worried". I still stand by those two statements, but after a week of daily usage, some reflection on just how much it outshines Vista or how worried Apple should be are justified.
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RE[6]: hmm
by searly on Fri 7th Jul 2006 08:05 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: hmm"
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"Yes, if polish, integration, and simplicity = hype. "

I have used Ubuntu since the first release and I have used SLED for a week now. And i have to say there was a lot of hype around Ubuntu. Don't get me wrong Ubuntu is a great distro but talking about polish, integration and simplicity SLED is ahead. I have to agree with Thom about the "ducktape" analogy. The only area were at the moment stock Ubuntu outshines stock SLED is the package management (stock meaning a fresh install). Having said that, this is easily aliviated by using SMART, in which case they are on a par.
SLED is faster, more polish, more integrated and more stable (even the beta). Dapper killed my wireless when i upgraded, even though it worked perfectly before, it took me a lot of evenings to fix it ... not sth. i would expect from an enterprise offering.
The only other thing that seems to be better in Ubuntu is the community around it (i might be wrong though). the development process seems to be more transparent, i guess sth. that SuSE, even before the NOVELL days struggled with. openSuSE doesn't seem to attract as much attention in the developer community ... but as i said i have no hard facts for this, just a impression.

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