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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Bill Weinberg, OSDL Linux evangelist and speaker at next week's LinuxWorld conference, discusses the state of Linux adoption and its ongoing rivalry with Windows.
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common (mis)conceptions
by butters on Fri 5th Aug 2005 22:21 UTC
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It bothers me a little bit when people make examples of what tasks need to be more "friendly" in *nix. Here are some examples we all see:

1) Linux takes at least 2-3 hours to configure everything to work with standard hardware.

2) I hate having to recompile my kernel every time I change my hardware.

Most general purpose linux distributions compile support for a ridiculous amount of hardware as modules, which udev and hotplug will autoload at boot time. This has gotten pretty reliable in the past 2 years. Even hotplugging USB, IEEE1394, and PCI(!) has become automatic with HAL.

What confuses me is the the same people who make these types of comments also (sometimes) appear to be Linux users, so I wonder why their experiences vary so much. I wonder if they are using a modern distribution with a 2.6.x kernel. I wonder if they have hotplug and udev running. I don't know why people are not taking advantage of these features and instead post about their gripes in forums. I don't know what the Linux community can do to help these people have a more seamless experience configuring their hardware or adding new hardware, because we are doing about all we can.

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