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SGI and IRIX SGI hopes to emerge as a leaner, meaner organisation by the end of the third quarter. The hardware maker this week filed an amended reorganisation plan that calls for it to finish off bankruptcy proceedings by September. If all goes as expected, SGI will trim its total debt down to USD 70m from USD 345m. Some of the debt will be removed in exchange for the privilege of investing more money in SGI 2.0.
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by jbrocklin on Fri 7th Jul 2006 18:06 UTC in reply to "sgi"
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Last I checked, SGI was never really going for the same market as Dell - sure they may have some overlap (Dell's mid-to-high range storage _might_ compete with SGI's storage products), but I don't think there's really all that much to compare between the two. SGI has gone after very high-end systems as of late, and Dell is certainly in the commodity market space.

I agree - sgi 2.0 is a dumb name

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