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Features, Office Microsoft is giving in to the unrelenting pressure to be more open, particularly with regard to its Office Open XML file format and interoperability with the Open Document Format alternative. The company will announce July 6 that it has set up an open-source project to create a series of tools that allow translation between the OpenXML format and the ODF format, and which will be developed with partners. The Open XML Translator project, as it is known, will be posted on SourceForge, the open-source software development Web site.
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RE[4]: OH COME ON!!!
by Shkaba on Fri 7th Jul 2006 19:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OH COME ON!!!"
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I like how you keep on supporting MS even when they shift their positions completely. Demands for MS to implement ODF support can not disingenious for the simple reason that if an ISO accepted standard is adopted by all software manufacturers the only competing qualities to distinguish competing products would be reduced to the price and reliability. Guess who sucks in that area. To say "I will support ODF" and then turn around and "start a project" for somebody else to work on and throw some money at it before turning your back to it ,is VERY disingenious to say the least. This looks more like bying some time (and time is what MS seems to need lots of, lately) and appearing to support an ISO approved standard until they can be in a position to submit their own request for standard approval.

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