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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Lately, rumours had been popping up that Palm's new Treo 670 would be running Windows Mobile 5 --however, no hard evidence confirming these rumours ever appeared. Until now. This is a major blow to PalmSource. More pictures here. Note that this does not mean the device will ship with Windows Mobile 5 --it just means it can run it.
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I think I am cursed...
by soapdog on Fri 5th Aug 2005 22:46 UTC
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The PDA OS that I liked best was the Newton OS, then it was sacked...
I also found Magic Cap interesting, specially for the non tech-savvy ones like my mother, it was also sacked.
I liked Psion and Epoc or Symbian, psion died.
I did not liked PalmOS but I thought it was a nice try and that I could even use one if I needed, it's dying too...

I have an iPAQ running WM2003SE, althought the little machine hardware is nice, the OS sucks. Everything is wrong!!!

I have an eMate 300, a Datahover and a Newton MP2000, belive it or not, I still use them more than the iPAQ...

now if we just could have a good pda os...

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