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Linux So, you are not sure what makes a Linux distribution a good desktop Linux but you know it when you see it, right? Perhaps but perhaps not. So, what does it take to be a good desktop Linux distribution?
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My 2 cents....
by Jedd on Fri 5th Aug 2005 22:48 UTC
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Well personally I find SlackWare Linux a perfect desktop linux as well as for my server, and file-print server. SlackWare is just great, but I DO understand it is not for the "new-to-linux" crowd.

Mandrake (now Mandriva, gay name, IMHO. :-p), is great for the beginner, easy to setup, loaded with graphical tools , and lots of autodetection features. I reccomend this distro above all others to people I know as a good way to "break into" linux without getting to overwhelmed.

These are some other great distros IMO:

1) SLAX (, SlackWare / KDE Based, live CD, but can be installed to the HD. REALLY easy to re-master your own blend by adding modules, etc.

2) VectorLinux (

3) Suse ( [personally I have never liked this distro, but that's just personal taste, but it IS a good desktop/beginner distro)

4) Yoper (, good distro. ;) )

There are a few others I could list here. but you get the idea.



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