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AMD AMD announced its second-quarter revenue figures ahead of schedule on Thursday, and investors are not going to be pleasantly surprised. AMD's revenue for the second quarter is expected to be USD 1.21bn, a 52 percent increase compared with the same period last year. However, analysts had been expecting AMD to record USD 1.3bn in revenue, according to estimates polled by Thomson First Call.
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Intels Problem
by jimmystewpot on Sat 8th Jul 2006 11:31 UTC
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As intel has to continually increase the front side bus to improve the performance of their processors the use of faster memory etc is required. With the introduction of FBDIMM Memory the power gains that the Woodcrest et al make against the AMD based processors will simply be null and void, If the figures I have read are correct the 6watt per dimm makes the Intel cost more in the long run (when your talking about servers with 8->32GB which is the high end market AMD is so appealing in) AMD's marketing on power of a whole server is still going to be a better bundle/power saving.. Times that by thousands of servers in a datacentre and that is BIG Money, Any CFO that is told he could save between 10k and 100k on power alone will just about always want to travel down that road..

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