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Apple A few months ago Thom bought and reviewed an iMac G3 333 Mhz while it was running Mac OS 9. I was always fond of the looks of the classic iMacs. They were just too cute to not want one. Recently restocked their Mac line with refurbished iMac G3s. They sent us one in, a 400 Mhz DV model (first released in October 1999) and we tried out not only Mac OS 9.2.2 but also the latest Mac OS X, v10.4.7. Read more as to how this old good classic iMac G3 performed.
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Never owned a Mac
by WereCatf on Sat 8th Jul 2006 20:03 UTC
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This article just piqued my interest. I have never been able to see a Mac in action, or even less touch one, so it would be very nice to get one, even an older model. Atleast I could tinker with it a bit. Maybe even learn something =P The only problem I have is that Macs are quite expensive, and I don't know any place here in Finland which sells refurbished Macs... =( Heck, I don't know any place which sells Macs at all. I'd love to get my hands on one of those iMacs =)

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