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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Recently, I have been pondering why is Firefox so darn popular? This is a question that I honestly ask myself sometimes, often while browsing the web from within the browser itself. The real trick is that there are so many different ways to answer this." More of the editorial here. Additionally, the first set of release candidates for Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 have been posted to the Mozilla FTP of nightly releases.
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RE: Easy answer
by Gone fishing on Sun 9th Jul 2006 06:27 UTC in reply to "Easy answer"
Gone fishing
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CWS was the last straw with IE for me.

Firefoxes small size made it a viable download on a dialup - although I think I got it first on a magazine CD. (Being on a magazine CDs is a very handy way of getting software to the punters). Iíve used Opera in the past but the banner add put me off and on my small (at the time) monitor took up too much of the screen.

Firefox just worked for me Ė maybe now Opera doesnít have the ads Iíll try it again.

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