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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Recently, I have been pondering why is Firefox so darn popular? This is a question that I honestly ask myself sometimes, often while browsing the web from within the browser itself. The real trick is that there are so many different ways to answer this." More of the editorial here. Additionally, the first set of release candidates for Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 have been posted to the Mozilla FTP of nightly releases.
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Agreed Firefox for the mac is buggy and its a memory hog. It can be so furstrating that "one of the fastest browsers and snappiest" can sometimes hang when you open it or load a page. I really really hope they fix this memory issue in the new build. Im currently using it but at this rate I will be back over to safari. Sure it may not have the best rendering engine but for getting things done its 10/10.

Camino is a great browser but hasnt click with me yet, I guess having a built in RSS feeder etc is what hits it with firefox and Safari, unless anybody knows a tool to add built in RSS to Camino? Camino doesnt appear to suffer from the same bad memory allocation as firefox. No get me wrong the fox is a great browser just the OS X version needs a lot of working doing it. I really do hope they fix those issues in the new build or I will be switching to something else.

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