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Mozilla & Gecko clones reported that Mozilla Firefox's browsers have a total global usage share of 12.93 percent. The total usage share of Mozilla Firefox increased 1.14 percent since May 2006. The total global usage share of Internet Explorer is 83.05 percent which is 2.12 percent less than at the of May. The same provider also reported recently that the 800x600 resolution is still used by 12% of the internet population.
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RE[2]: Linux at 1% and holding!
by MollyC on Mon 10th Jul 2006 17:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Linux at 1% and holding!"
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"I don't know what's up with the conflicting data, but in my few years of being aware of Linux I've never heard a number less than 3%. That 1% you quote is not true."
OS share for June 2006:
Windows: ~95%
Mac: 3.92%
Linux: 0.38%

I've been following that site for the past year, and Linux always hovers around 0.4%; no sign of increase.

Here are the stats for each of the past 12 months:
Linux is stuck in the "other" category that bounces between 1.5% and 1.7%.

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