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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Computers of the future could be controlled by eye movements, rather than a mouse or keyboard. Scientists at Imperial College, London, are working on eye-tracking technology that analyses the way we look at things. The team is trying to gain an insight into visual knowledge - the way we see objects and translate that information into actions.
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Take a look at
which contains a copy of an email from Doug Engelbart - inventor of the mouse. In the brief note he comments on other methods they considered, including eye tracking.

Ever since then people have considered eye tracking as a pointer controller, but its mostly easier to use your hand.

Commercial eye tracking mice have been available for sometime, having been developed in various places to allow people with disabilities easier use of a compter. Take a look at for example.

As for the Canon stuff they made SLRs with eye tracking for focus control sometime ago, then gave up becuase it didn't work. Their first attempt at a video camera with eye driven focusing wasn't much better either, to quote from During normal use the video camera can all of a sudden fail to track the eye properly, which forces the user to make sudden movements with the eyes to regain correct tracking. A white square is constantly displaying where the user is looking. We think this must be a very annoying feature, since you cannot avoid looking at this "fly" hovering in front of your eyes all the time.

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