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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Read a long review titled "Mandrake Revisited: A Lycoris user revisits the OS he left years earlier". On a separate note, Linux Format issue 70 presents a GaŽl Duval interview.
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Curse ye, Mandrake!
by Doctor Flange on Sat 6th Aug 2005 00:19 UTC
Doctor Flange
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I've been using Mandrake for over a year and am hooked. It's not my favourite distro, but I can't stop using it!

Every time I switch (to Ubuntu, SuSE, Debian etc.) I always switch back after a few weeks (the record is Kubuntu, which I kept for a month).

What makes Mandrake so usable for a power user? It provides simple administration tools (drakconf) whilst at the same time not limiting you by removing development packages or oversimplifying. As long as this stays, I'll be keeping Mandrake. Just without the evil Galaxy theme.

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