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SuSE, openSUSE According to APC Magazine: Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 includes the most fully integrated desktop search we've seen on any operating system, which is a crowning achievement for Novell.
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by segedunum on Tue 11th Jul 2006 09:11 UTC
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A handful of paragraphs on why this person thinks Beagle is good, without any comparison to Spotlight, Google Desktop or other desktops searches that exist or are on the horizon? And without comparing any of these he then claims Beagle as the best search system around.

And why does he discount Google Search?

"When Google released Desktop Search for Windows, I played with it. Full text searching, done blazingly fast, through anything text-based on your drive, from your web cache to your emails and personal documents. Impressive, but not without problems, the biggest being the Windows-centric design which made portability difficult."

Yer. Really solid reasoning there. People just love portability. Not that he explains just how portable Beagle is or what it actually means.

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