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Oracle and SUN With its Linux desktop product, Xandros is focusing on short list of features to push Microsoft off the desktop. Microsoft is currently fighting a virtual game of king of the hill with OS competitors attempting to claw their way to the high ground. The latest challenger is Xandros, armed with its Linux-based desktop operating system Xandros Desktop Version 4 Home Edition Premium.
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by Gone fishing on Tue 11th Jul 2006 10:33 UTC in reply to "Not there yet"
Gone fishing
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Using the term Activation seems to me like taking a shotgun to the foot. The Xandros activation is not like the Windows version i.e. unless you do this Iíll stop working in 30 days and counting. Itís just so you can use the Xandros networks online repository.

Why didnít they just say please register with your copy of Xandros to make Xandros network available?

As for the AV - OK a virus wonít effect your system, but if you are using Crossover Office and MS office you can still have MS macro viruses on your system which will effect Windows users that you pass the files onto Ė and can your codewavers win32 environment become infected Ė maybe the AV isnít a bad idea.

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