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Graphics, User Interfaces AmanithVG is an implementation of OpenVG, the new application programming interface (API) for hardware accelerated 2D vector and raster graphics, created by the Khronos group. Differently from any other OpenVG implementation, AmanithVG is entirely built on top of OpenGL (from 1.1 to 2.0, using extensions where available) and OpenGL|ES (1.1 and 2.0) APIs. You can watch the AmanithVG video at YouTube.
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AmanithVG Performances
by Skavenger on Tue 11th Jul 2006 12:08 UTC
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On my pIV 2.8 - GeForceFX 5900 :

Tiger example at 800x600 (8x FSAA) => 160 FPS
Tiger example at 1280x1024 (8x FSAA) => 85 FPS
Clock example at 512x512 (8x FSAA) => 80 FPS
Clock example at 1280x1024 (8x FSAA) => 10 FPS
Flowers example at 512x512 (4x FSAA) => 210 FPS
Flowers example at 1280x1024 (4x FSAA) => 135 FPS

Same examples on the same hardware linked with an OpenVG software implementation run at 10% of this speed.

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