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SuSE, openSUSE According to APC Magazine: Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 includes the most fully integrated desktop search we've seen on any operating system, which is a crowning achievement for Novell.
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So, SLED, which is commercial, is better ? Strange, distros generally put the "open" or "community" as the same level as their commercial version, minus some functionalities ... so that you have the same quality, but not the same functionalities, the diff is the price. Here you can be sure that i will never buy any SuSE thing.
I can't believe that SuSE put a buggy version of Yast in OpenSuSE and removed all the bugs in SLED. This would have been a _huge_ task, yast seems to be broken in its roots (it's my feeling of software developer). And that would be terribly offending to the OSS community.
Anyway, i just wanted to say "Novel is teasing us since several months, so i tested one of their product, and i'am far from convinced" Why teasing us if their products does not reflects what they say ? I would like these news to be more than "buzz".

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