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Syllable, AtheOS Like many others, I was a long-time lurker on the atheos mailing list. I was happy to see it get forked, because it seemed to mean that some real progress would get made. In many ways that seems to have happened, and in others... Not so much. Note: This is the 3rd entry to our Alternative OS Contest which runs through 14th July!
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Some feedback
by Vanders on Tue 11th Jul 2006 13:12 UTC
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First of all, thanks for taking the time to review Syllable.

Now, just to make it clear, the VMWare image is semi-official, as is the LiveCD. The only official distributions of Syllable are the downloadable ISO image or the Premium CD we sell via. Lulu. Over the years various people have produced various pre-packaged versions of Syllable for VMWare and VirtualPC.

The drawing issues experienced are bugs in the VMWare video driver, which we hope are all now fixed in CVS so future releases of Syllable should work much better on VMWare. The issue with rebooting to change network settings is also a known bug; in fact, you've finally shamed me into going off and fixing it as soon as I've written this. The crash bug in Whisper was resolved and I've since released a new version of Whisper & the fix for the crash is in CVS; again, this will all be available in the next release so Whisper should just work.

The GUI in Syllable is "sort of" 95% finished, but we havn't settled on a final design yet, so you may find that certain things are quirky or incomplete. These sort of things will be done before Syllable 1.0 is released, but right now we're really in the "Make it work correctly" stage of development[1]. We do of course need more developers, but then who doesn't?

[1]: My three stages of software development: #1 Make it work. #2 Make it work correctly. #3 Make it better.

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