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Oracle and SUN With its Linux desktop product, Xandros is focusing on short list of features to push Microsoft off the desktop. Microsoft is currently fighting a virtual game of king of the hill with OS competitors attempting to claw their way to the high ground. The latest challenger is Xandros, armed with its Linux-based desktop operating system Xandros Desktop Version 4 Home Edition Premium.
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RE[2]: Not until...
by kiz01 on Tue 11th Jul 2006 17:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Not until..."
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Um, the desktop is Xandros's bread and butter. I'm pretty sure the desktop brings in way more revenue than the server.

The activation is not intrusive, it will not shut down your system if you fail to activate. All it does is give you access to their servers for updates and installing new software. I admit that I'm not impressed by it but it's not stopping me from upgrading.

I've been a Xandros user for about 2 years nows (version 2 OCE and 3.02 Deluxe) and I've yet to see a distro that can touch them for ease of setup and maintenance (especially if you have a windows network). However, they also seem to have a large issue with piracy. If you have a better solution to keep people from stealing their software, I'm sure they'd love to hear it.

Personally, I think it's sad that so many people feel that it's OK (or even cool) to pirate software/music/movies/etc. If people were just honest, we wouldn't need things like product activation.

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