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Windows From today, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates or provide support for Windows 98 and Windows ME, which could lead users to trying alternative operating systems such as Linux. Eight years after launching Windows 98, Microsoft will finally wash its hands of updating and plugging security gaps in its ageing operating system. The software giant originally planned to pull the plug in January 2004 but decided to extend support because of the increasing threat from Linux.
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linux boost?
by tiiim on Tue 11th Jul 2006 17:26 UTC
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Why would this boost linux support? MS has stopped 98 support quick the linux market has grown 0.3%!! come on be realistic here. Most people who are still on 98 are prob not the tech savvy you think they are. They most likely mature users who just use that "ol' box" to look at the internet once a week and thats it. Also a lot of security issues today effect xp, why bother written a virus for 98? I cant see why anyone would run over to Linux because MS have stopped report. When these users are ready they will simply upgrade to xp or vista... and i mean when they're ready they're the sort of users who will be not open to computers and not moderate users. They will be your gran who ask her newphew over once a week to fix this thing. They don't care what's it called they just go with the flow. I personally dont see a load of 98 users running out to download Linux over their 56k connection. come on be realistic here people.

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