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Windows From today, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates or provide support for Windows 98 and Windows ME, which could lead users to trying alternative operating systems such as Linux. Eight years after launching Windows 98, Microsoft will finally wash its hands of updating and plugging security gaps in its ageing operating system. The software giant originally planned to pull the plug in January 2004 but decided to extend support because of the increasing threat from Linux.
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"How about .38% for Linux and 2.95% for Win98

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Microsoft is ending support for both Win98 and WinME, so to make your stats more pertinent, we need to include the WinME stats as well. ;)
WinME: 1.32%
Win98: 2.95%
Linux: 0.38%

Here's another sampling:
Win98: ~4%
Linux: ~0% (rounded to the nearest whole percentage point)

Here's what I don't get. You go to a typical tech site, and Linux will be the topic of ~60% of the operating sytem articles (just a guess) and will be at least mentioned in ~85% of the operating sytem articles. And this has been the case for nearly 10 years. All that coverage for an OS that has < 0.5% share. The tech media is really out of touch.

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