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SuSE, openSUSE According to APC Magazine: Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 includes the most fully integrated desktop search we've seen on any operating system, which is a crowning achievement for Novell.
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RE: Compared to spotlight?
by MikeGA on Tue 11th Jul 2006 22:09 UTC in reply to "Compared to spotlight?"
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From the ridiculously brief and lacking in content article, there was one difference that I found rather interesting:

Apparently, the process of Beagle actually indexing a file is exposed in the UI, so you can stop it if you want.

This worries me slightly, I mean, when will the file be indexed again properly? And it also rather suggests the developers have little faith in the indexing being "unobtrusive."

Personally, I think the indexing should be taken of completely behind the scenes. There's no reason why the user should ever have to no what is going on index-wise, in the same way they shouldn't have to know how the hard drive is handling its cache at a particular moment.

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