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SkyOS A set of major changes in SkyOS is now complete. The entire GUI subsystem was rewritten to support desktop composing including flicker free drawing, double buffering, full alpha transparency, plugable composing effects, etc. Secondly, PE support has been dropped completely, and all libraries, applications, drivers, and the kernel are now ELF binaries. Thirdly, everything is now compiled with GCC 4.1.1 and the latest binutils. And last, but personally definitely not least: SkyOS now has support for BeOS people files. Other than the above, a lot of bugs were fixed as well.
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zealots are always wrong...
by soapdog on Wed 12th Jul 2006 04:01 UTC
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I really hates when FOSS zealots dismiss the whole code work of somebody because it is not FOSS.

Instead of commenting on the code works people keep ranting about licenses and politics... One thing people never told me, and that might be a good question for FOSS advocates out there. If you're a single coder trying to make a living by creating your own operating system, even if you take care not to violate licenses of the libraries and support tools you use, how you're suppose to make money? like eating, paying the rent and stuff. Remember you're small and you decided to live out of your little project... I'd really like people insight on this and if anyone from the SkyOS Team can shed a word or two about how their beta support initiative is working...

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