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Windows Speaking at a forum in South Africa regarding a plan for Microsoft to make major technology investments in the country, Bill Gates said there was an "80 percent chance" Windows Vista would by ready for its planned January launch. He also had no qualms about delaying the OS further if necessary.
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RE: The real TRUTH
by RawMustard on Wed 12th Jul 2006 10:09 UTC in reply to "The real TRUTH"
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I know you're entitled to your opinion, but I think you're way off the mark. Where I live, I know 3 times more Linux users than mac users, I can count all the mac users I know on one hand that's had 4 fingers removed!

Personally, I don't think a mac will ever be a good replacement for windows, they're too much like an appliance not a computer. Linux on the other hand is a free operating system able to run on whatever you choose with no strings attached. Why anyone would choose a restrictive appliance over freedom to do whatever they like is beyond me ;)

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