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Windows Speaking at a forum in South Africa regarding a plan for Microsoft to make major technology investments in the country, Bill Gates said there was an "80 percent chance" Windows Vista would by ready for its planned January launch. He also had no qualms about delaying the OS further if necessary.
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RE: The real TRUTH
by gleng on Wed 12th Jul 2006 11:06 UTC in reply to "The real TRUTH"
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// Linux as a Desktop OS isn't going anywhere.

Yes it is. Ask Redhat, Novell, Canonical, etc.

// People trying to make Linux into a desktop OS
// should just give up and program on a platform that // they can make a living on.

People do make a living from working with Linux. Like me for example!

// There is a ton of people trying to do something with
// Linux and it never goes anywhere,

Yes it does. I've been using linux for six years and the difference between now and then is astounding.

// they are wasting so much time not really making
// anything better.

But they are making things better.

// Who is going to use Linux after the Next Mac OS /
// Windows Vista / Windows Vista Server.

Well, there's the many people who use it now for a start.

// I just think they are wastng time. They could be
// bringing better applications to Windows instead of
// trying to do something with a dead horse.

So Linux isn't getting any better, but the people who are trying to make it better should give up?

// Linux is and will always be a niche Operating
// System. It is usefull in a few areas such as the
// mobile market and high end super computers

And pretty much any general purpose you can think of.

// and maybe cheap servers if you don't have a job.

Haha, that's good.

// For consumers, hard-core game players, and real
// corporate customers Linux isn't going to work.

OK, I'll give you the gamer argument, non-console gamers don't really have any choice oher than Windows at the moment. But that's more of a marketing than a technical matter.

Corporate usage is an ideal area for Linux on the desktop in my opinion/experience. General consumers are a trickier area, but I see no difficulty if the OS is preinstalled and configured (with big buttons marked "INTERNET" for example. Joe Sixpack isn't going to know what the hell "Mozilla Firefox", "The GIMP", or "K3B" are.). An easy to use distro like Ubuntu would be perfect.

// Windows isn't perfect, but we don't live in a
// perfect world.

Maybe we can live in a perfect world if we get rid of all the imperfect things? ;)

// Microsoft is working on a successor to windows and
// it is currently called Singularity.

Good for them. I'm sure it will be released bundled with Duke Nukem Forever and Elite IV. (Dual boot with the x86 version of AmigaOS4.)

// The Linux OS is about as old as Windows NT OS.
// They were both started around the same time.

Windows Server 2003 is NT 5.2. What's your point?

// I am not trying to troll,

I'm not convinced.

// but just trying to tell the truth and set the record
// strait. If you don't like Microsoft, there is
// always Apple.

Bah. OS X is nice, I'll give it that, but I prefer Linux. I use Ubuntu on a Mac Mini at home, so I've used both. (I would normally use Debian, but the PPC version of Ubuntu works far better on the Mac Mini in my experience.)

OS X is good, but it isn't the holy grail everyone makes it out to be. (OK, I'm going to die for that one.)

// I just wouldn't waste your valuable time on a
// platform that hardly nobody is going to use.

Cool. Nobody's asking you to waste my valuable time. ;)

// It is simply not worth the pain and effort.

I'd rather not have the pain and effort involved with making Windows do the things I want to be able to do with my computer.

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