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SkyOS A set of major changes in SkyOS is now complete. The entire GUI subsystem was rewritten to support desktop composing including flicker free drawing, double buffering, full alpha transparency, plugable composing effects, etc. Secondly, PE support has been dropped completely, and all libraries, applications, drivers, and the kernel are now ELF binaries. Thirdly, everything is now compiled with GCC 4.1.1 and the latest binutils. And last, but personally definitely not least: SkyOS now has support for BeOS people files. Other than the above, a lot of bugs were fixed as well.
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... but if you had the source code to SkyOS, then hey, you could have a look at it and tinker with it and change and improve upon on it to your hearts content ...

... or maybe I am one of those crazy individuals that likes to get work done instead of tinkering on an open-source project to get it on par with the equivalent commercial product.

Let's not diss a project just because it's not open-source. I've seen a comment on another site today that said "I love Opera's features, but I'll use it when it will truly be free". No comment. Does it really matter if a product is free as in beer, free as in speach, or costs a reasonable amount of $$$ if it gets you where you want to go - for most proffesionals I doubt it matters.

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