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Apple PCMag reviews iWork '06. "For word processing, the Apple iWork '06 Pages program is no match for Microsoft Word or ThinkFree Office 3.0. But it's capable, and its ability to create gorgeous documents easily is unequaled on the Mac." My take: I concur. iWork is the best tool for the job when you need to create a document you yourself will distribute physically; however, since iWork uses a closed file format only iWork users can read, distributing it electronically is fairly useless.
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ODF needed
by Damien on Wed 12th Jul 2006 18:25 UTC
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iWorks *really* needs to standardize on ODF for the next edition, they're stabbing themselves in the back by not doing so. By taking the file format out of the equation they can sell on the software's merits itself, by making it the best software of its kind, rather than making sales purely on the "some guy sent me an iWrite file so I have to by it" spin.


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