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Original OSNews Interviews We bring to you an interview with Alvaro J. Iradier, founder and lead developer of AMSN (Alvaro's Messenger), a full-featured MSN compatible client, written in tcl/tk.
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by elzurawka on Wed 12th Jul 2006 18:49 UTC
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I have had some issues in the past using AMSN. Im not sure if it was the latest version, but the biggest issue i came across was that it did not import/organize my groups. It simple had online/offline. Which is very annoying, since i have a group of 70% of my list, that are there but i never really need to talk to them. So i keep this group hidden usually, but with AMSN i had to search through everyone online to find a person taht would be in my group of 10 school friends.

Other then taht great work on the client. Good to see progress being donw with video.

Personally i have been using gaim since my switch to Linux 2 years ago. I find that it is very stable, has support for MANY protocols i needs, (MSN, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu), and a vast array of Plugins to further my enjoyment of the program. With version 2 set to come out soon, i think people should give this 1 a try as well.

I think that this program is doing a great job, and if there was more developer support could be a great program, but as long as its only supports MSN(which the name implies will stay that way) its not the client for me.

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