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Debian and its clones The Debian GNU/Linux project today admitted a hacker had compromised one of its internal servers. "Early this morning we discovered that someone had managed to compromise," Debian developer James Troup wrote in an e-mail to the Debian community. "We've taken the machine offline and are preparing to reinstall it," Troup continued, noting a number of key services were currently offline as a result.
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RE[2]: What hack?
by smashIt on Thu 13th Jul 2006 13:33 UTC in reply to "RE: What hack?"
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You have to look at frequency. This kind of stuff happens regularly in the windows world.

sure, but you can'T compare it to all the insecure desktops out there. you have to compare it with microsoft, msn or hotmail getting hacked. and when was the last time this happened?

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