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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1 has been released. This milestone for developers and testers includes several new features including anti-phishing, browser session restore in case of a crash, support for client-side session and persistent storage, ability to re-open accidentally closed tabs, support for JavaScript 1.7, new Windows installer based on Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, new microsummaries feature for bookmarks, new search plugin manager and better support for previewing and subscribing to web feeds. Screenshots documenting the new features can be found here.
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Recently closed tabs and stuff
by MechR on Thu 13th Jul 2006 19:07 UTC
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Hmm, the Recently Closed Tabs feature doesn't seem to be working for me, and I've tried it on two computers so far. In any case, hope the feature doesn't take too much memory, what with people complaining about that already.

Also, the new search dropdown button doesn't match the OS or theme style. Maybe they just got it working for Beta 1, and will be fixing its appearance before the final release. At least, I hope that's the case.

Quick Find was divested of all its GUI controls ;) The reasoning was that it should be visually distinct from the regular Find bar to avoid confusion, and that anyone using buttons can use the latter. Jus on MozillaZine has suggested that Quick Find at least highlight all matches, like in Opera 9, so that it isn't completely useless to people who don't know the keyboard shortcuts. I hope they go with that.

The tab overflow solution kinda sucks, but it looks like they decreased the minimum tab size again, so I'll mercifully probably never have to use it.

On the plus side, the new Tab Close buttons should be more intuitive for new users. No settings for it in the Options, but at least they're in about:config.

A question about Session Restore: If a certain site always crashes the browser, would Session Restore end up trapping the user? Or does it restore to the site just previous to the crasher site?

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