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Intel OCAU reviews the new Core 2 Duo line from Intel, and concludes: "Thanks to its new micro-architecture, Core 2 Duo is performing far better than the previous generation dual core Pentium D. An X6800, for example, is between 30% ~ to 40% faster than a Pentium D 955XE. Core 2 Duo is achieving performance in applications and games that has not been seen before with a dual core desktop CPU. In addition Core 2 Duo consumes 40% less power and runs much cooler than Pentium D."
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RE[3]: Can't wait to upgrade...
by Dark Leth on Sat 15th Jul 2006 02:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Can't wait to upgrade..."
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No, I was referring to him wanting to drop in a Conroe, which is the chip being reviewed. He can only use a current Yonah, Sossaman, or the upcoming Merom.

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