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Linux Finally Linux has got full read-write open source NTFS support! Preliminary benchmarks show that the still unoptimized driver already sometimes twice as fast as ext3 and 20-50 faster than the commercial Paragon NTFS. Interestingly Captive NTFS, which uses the native Windows NTFS driver, fails all benchmarks with file loss.
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RE[4]: Keep it up
by Disruptor on Sat 15th Jul 2006 09:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Keep it up"
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I've just compiled it and installed it. No problems at all *cross fingers*. I am looking forward to benchmark it too. I am wondering how efficient it will prove. I know that the kernel ntfs-module has more going for it performance wise, but still, if the ntfs-3g proves good enough for intensive I/O it would be very very good news. I am wondering if one can play games like WoW directly from the windows drives with wine/cedega. These games are quite I/O intensive and stuff. You may say I am going looking for trouble - and I agree completely. But it's just so irresistable to check the driver's stability this way. Oh, and one more thing: Since ntfs-3g `got it down' with the algorithms of writting to ntfs-partitions I bet that it will be very easy and it won't take long to migrate code and concepts to the ntfs-module - which is awesome too.

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