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KDE "The KOffice team is announced KOffice version 1.5.2. This is mainly a bugfix release but also contains numerous translation updates. Especially KWord, KSpread and Kexi have received critical bug fixes."
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> IMO, MS Office is the best Office suite out there, and
> the only reason to use alternatives is the price.

What about using a OS where MSO is not available? That's an important argument for me since I'm writing this post on such a platform. ;)

And if you're just writing some letters and do some calculations for yourself KOffice will work just fine. I guess it's good enough for the most work at home that you don't want to share with other office systems.

> Also, the cut and paste problem you had is most
> likely related to a problem with X's clipboard.

Not really. You can't copy nearly anything than plain text between different office systems. You can't even copy a table from OOo Calc to OOo Base...

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