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Linux Finally Linux has got full read-write open source NTFS support! Preliminary benchmarks show that the still unoptimized driver already sometimes twice as fast as ext3 and 20-50 faster than the commercial Paragon NTFS. Interestingly Captive NTFS, which uses the native Windows NTFS driver, fails all benchmarks with file loss.
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NTFS in Linux
by WereCatf on Sat 15th Jul 2006 14:29 UTC
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I have hoped for being able to actually create compressed files/folders on an NTFS partition under Linux. Too bad it is still not possible. And I probably won't have much use for this ntfs-3g either as I had used ntfsmount (in ntfsprogs) before and I don't even use NTFS at home. Though, from experience I can say that ntfsmount worked a whole lot faster and better than captive-ntfs. Well, gotta include ntfs-3g on my custom Gentoo Linux LiveCD now then =)

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