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Apple Not too long ago, I sold my iBook, right after the new MacBook was announced. I planned to buy that same MacBook somewhere this summer; however, I started to doubt. I had second thoughts. Let me explain why I decided to not buy a new Mac, but instead opt for a used G4 PowerMac. Note: After being absent for a week, here is another Sunday Eve Column.
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Smaller pipeline=less time to refill=faster

That's essentially false.
1. A 2.5 Ghz G5 doesn't run faster than a P4 2.5 Ghz because of the (length of the) pipeline (if at all). The PowerPC 970MP (G5) has a 16 stage-pipeline, while the P4 had a 20 stage-pipeline (later 31) and the new Intel Macs (Core Duo) have a 12 stage-pipeline.
2. A pipeline is built for speed, that is, the longer (or deeper) the pipeline, the faster the execution (a greater number of instructions completed per second, throughput). It's true that in cases of branches the pipeline must be emptied, but branch predictors and code reordering reduce the time misused.

As a conclusion, it is generally known that Intel regretted the excesive depth of the P4 pipeline, so they reduced it in new processors. Following the "minimum pipeline" ideology, you should go for a new Intel Mac.

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