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Windows has more information and screenshots on Windows Fundamentals. "Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is a Windows-based operating system designed for enterprise customers with legacy PCs who are not in a position to purchase new hardware. WinFLP provides the same security and manageability as Microsoft Windows XP SP2 while providing a smooth migration path to the latest hardware and operating system."
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How does this save money?
by bolomkxxviii on Mon 17th Jul 2006 00:28 UTC
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I admit, I haven't read everything, but how does this save money for people who can't afford to replace their hardware? With bottom of the line Dells going for $300, is it really cheaper to pay IT professionals to convert old boxes to fundamentals and then maintain them? Remember, old PCs tend to fail (power supplies, processors, etc.) Even low end white boxes can run XP for most office software. Microsoft has put a lot of time and effort into what I see to be a very small part of the business market. Unless they are going after the HOME market. If they could get all those people at home still using Win98 to convert (using FUD), they would get a large new revenue stream. Monthly/yearly payments to have access to software (and files) stored on MS servers sounds like a plan from Redmond.

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