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Linspire Kevin Carmony of Linspire/Freespire has announced that the first beta of Freespire has been released earlier than anticipated. Get it from the download page. According to Carmony, this release includes out-of-the-box support for proprietary formats such as .mp3 and WMV, plug-and-play support for Ati and nVIDIA cards without user intervention, Click-N-Run, and much more.
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"Between the FSF and the OSI "

Thats two diferent certification :

FSF certify Free softwares.
OSI certify Open Source software.

"we have our share of licenses"

Neither group are responsible for that , its the developper , lawyers and special interest group that are to blame , I dont think it would look good politically to tell a new license maker that there license is rejected on the basis that one almost exactly the same exist , it would be for the courts of each country to decide anyway.

"and conflicts"

There is almost no conflicts between the two group , there is a lot of individuals in those groups who disagree with each others , but its human nature to argue things.

The real problem come from the definitions ( Of what is what ) who are really lax in there terms and allow , Lying , traitor and thieve license to be included.

Open Source software should always be Open Source and Free software should always be Free software with no possibility to change them for any reason to something else. The commercial lies have been proven wrong by 15 years of commercial use.

Open Source dont survive very well on its own , exactly because of those who distort it , If you disagree :

Windows ( Open Source King , who make proprietary code with it )

Apple ( Open Source Prince , who make proprietary code with and sometime let the Open Source community have something back )

GNU/Linux , Free Software.

Explain why those 3 are the Main OS today for the majority and why hardware maker make most hardware with them in mind.

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