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Linspire Kevin Carmony of Linspire/Freespire has announced that the first beta of Freespire has been released earlier than anticipated. Get it from the download page. According to Carmony, this release includes out-of-the-box support for proprietary formats such as .mp3 and WMV, plug-and-play support for Ati and nVIDIA cards without user intervention, Click-N-Run, and much more.
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RE: Offering choice
by CaptainTux on Mon 17th Jul 2006 07:32 UTC in reply to "Offering choice"
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Well said ,pollycat.

Kevin Carmony has thousands of posts on the Linspire forums, hundreds on the Ubuntu forums and other places.

I have even seen him answer basic how to questions on the mail lists for newbies.

I think the advantage freespire and linspire have is the friendliness of the community. It is in my opinion that many of the people who attack Linspire are also the ones who do little when newbies are under fire. Linus has the school teachers, bus drivers, and other normal folk curious, telling them to rtfm ain't gonna cut it anymore...being an old boys club does not work anymore.

There is a new face to Linux and Linspire and Freespire get it.

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