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Linspire Kevin Carmony of Linspire/Freespire has announced that the first beta of Freespire has been released earlier than anticipated. Get it from the download page. According to Carmony, this release includes out-of-the-box support for proprietary formats such as .mp3 and WMV, plug-and-play support for Ati and nVIDIA cards without user intervention, Click-N-Run, and much more.
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by deanlinkous on Mon 17th Jul 2006 08:35 UTC
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That was barely legible!

See that is one thing about you, you love to throw numbers out that dont really relate to anything and offer strange analogies. You had to be in sales and/or marketing for a long time.

Since you are using the half a million number then could you please tell us how many users normally vote on those polls. You seem to be implying that the half a million is a important figure so please tell us how many of those actually vote on the polls.

You are actually skewing my theory. My theory isnt that a linspire user will always agree with you. My theory is that anyone receieving the linspire letter AND voting on that poll is not likely to disagree in this instance. They may disagree about something else but anyone signed up for a letter from linspire AND that bothers to vote on a linspire poll has to be somewhat receptive to what the company stands for. I am sure it is more that respond to your letters than just linspire users but most of those responding would be linspire users or another commercial OS user and/or at the very least would be someone receptive to the idea of what linspire is doing or else why would they sign up for the linspire letter in the first place? I dont normally sign up for newsletters from groups that I totally disagree with their whole concept, do you?

I am not saying you are wrong about a lot of people wanting a "hybrid os" I am just saying your proof is actually VERY weak. I use to think otherwise but now I realize that most do not care about freedoms or that by choosing something they are actually choosing to not have a choice in the future. Most users out there just want things to work and do not care about anything else. I have been to enough forums to know that most people dont care about the thought behind the software. I on the other hand DO want things to work but I DO care about how that is implemented and provided.

As stated, I already get the feeling I am a second class citizen in your eyes as well as others because I am one of those that want the "free" version. You seem to want people to agree with you that a "hybrid os" is a good thing and yet you cannot agree that a truly "free" os is a good thing also. So if you cant agree with me, I wont agree with you...

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