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OSNews, Generic OSes Lots of news on Xen. Firstly, "This is a document about how to set up XEN and iSCSI on 3 Debian Stable machines so that you can have a virtual host that can be migrated live between 2 of the machines. The third machine will be the common disk for the virtual machine that is seen via the 2 machines running XEN." Secondly, "IBM and Novell are throwing their considerable weight behind Xen, but some experts are suggesting that these companies may be pushing this nascent technology too far too fast." Lastly, "You can now run OpenSolaris domains under Xen as dom0 with OpenSolaris domUs too."
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Not bad.
by pucko on Mon 17th Jul 2006 11:53 UTC
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Not necessarily a bad thing.
Unless they intend to ship it as it is, and not let their development teams contribute to feature/stability?

IBM et al are not that stupid I guess...

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